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Two tubes of Chuck-eez

Chuck-eez is simple to use

Using Chuck-eez® couldn’t be simpler. By following the instructions below you will ensure that your power chucks perform better and are safer.

Unscrew grease gun1) Unscrew the grease gun. Carefully remove the empty tube of Chuck-eez®, and dispose of safely.

Cut foil centre2) Cut or pierce the foil centre cap using a Stanley type knife.


Remove tape3) Remove tape holding the black plastic cap in place and remove cap.


Pull down plunger4) Pull down plunger handle on grease gun body as shown. Hold plunger in place and insert the tube, foil end up, into the grease gun body.

Screw grease gun body back onto gun head5) Whilst keeping the plunger pulled down, screw the grease gun body back on to the gun head and slowly release the plunger.

Apply several shots of grease6) If using Chuck-eez® for the 1st time... apply several shots of grease through each grease nipple on your chuck until Chuck-eez® is witnessed exiting from the chuck body or grease nipple recess. (Remember to affix your Chuck-eez® Sticker on the machine tool to remind your operator to re-grease the workholding device!)

7) Chuck-eez® should then be re-applied with at least 2 shots of Chuck-eez® to each grease nipple on the chuck, every 8 hrs of machine use, or more regularly for high-speed use or if machine is stopped and started frequently.

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Chuck-eez®: simple to use

Remember: Failure to grease power chucks regularly can cause part ejection and serious injury.