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Chuck-Eez starter Kit
When to apply Chuck-eez

Test reports confirm and individual machine tool and power chuck manufacturers' recommendations indicate that greasing of power chucks should occur every 8 hours.

However, if you are running your machines at high speeds, and/or if the nature of your machining is characterised by short cycle times and frequent stop-start
operations, re-greasing should occur at more regular intervals - i.e. every 4 hours.

(Note: if you are running your machines 24/7 - each power chuck will need to be re-greased at least 3 times per 24 hour period).

Greasing is achieved by giving each chuck jaw 2 shots of Chuck-eez® lubricant to each grease nipple using the grease gun supplied with your first Chuck-eez® order.

In addition to frequent re-greasing with Chuck-eez® - all power chuck manufacturers recommend that chucks are stripped down, cleaned, thoroughly re-greased and re-assembled every 6 months (minimum) to completely remove coolant, chips etc, and to check for galling and burnishing.

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Chuck-eez®: when and how to apply

Remember: Failure to grease power chucks regularly can cause part ejection and serious injury.